Where most impolite tourists come from?

If you travel a lot you probably have met many people from all over the world. Surely they all are different and have their own habits and culture. However, sometimes you undoubtedly were shocked with behavior of “that crazy man shouting at a waiter” or “the woman stealing a guide book in the shop”. Recently Real Holiday Resorts have published an interesting survey which shows where the most impolite tourists come from.

The results of a survey are based on users’ opinion and are not aimed to offend any of the nations in the list.

 The first place is after American tourists. Every third person participated in the survey had admitted American discourtesy. Carelessness, rudeness, too cheeky demeanor are the epithets which people were using when describing their communication with American tourists. Well, it doesn’t mean that it refers all  Americans that leave the United States, however, maybe being more tolerant is not a bad idea?

Gloom and alcohol addiction of the Albion

English are considered to be second “less nice” tourists according to the survey. Necessary to mention that the gap between the first and the second places is not that big. True English ladies have surprisingly being listed in the rank. People explain that they are annoyed with English love to alcohol. English tourists were often noticed drunk in public places and, therefore, it became a widespread thought that English drink much and do not know the limit. Moreover, English female tourists were also noticed lounging in frivolous poses on the beach and near the pool paying no attention to local regulations.

People voting in the survey also mentioned their dissatisfaction with the way the English tourists look like. They claim that they often wear untidy clothes and their bodies look “imperfect”. In addition, they tend to be lovers of vulgar tattoos what seems unacceptable for European society. One of the survey participants assumed that English women are just trying to take over English men who are considered to be impolite and intolerant. So what is it: ill-breeding or form of feminism?


Bad manners of Europe?

 The third place in the rank was occupied with Turkish tourists. It seems pointless to understand the motive of those who voted. We used to think that Turkey is a country with strict rules and religion. Perhaps Turkish women are just having fun when leaving the boundaries of their homeland?

The fourth place is after the German tourists who are not famous for good manners and respect to other people while the fifth place is after the tourists from Eastern Europe.


To be honest, the results of the survey can’t be seriously taken into account. They have no social proof and are just subjective opinions of some people. The aim of the article was just to share people’s perception of other nationalities when staying abroad. Obviously, traveling is a great chance to meet people from different parts of the world and accept their habits and peculiarities of their mentality.

 Anyway, when going abroad always check weather forecast so at least weather would not become the factor to spoil your trip! Be more tolerant and enjoy your time!

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