Must-not’s when traveling abroad

When planning a trip you probably try to find out as much information as possible. Usually it includes places to visits, things to do, souvenirs to buy and food to try. However, often being not aware of some of local behavior standards may cause serious problems with police and even sending you back to homeland. Therefore, we decided to share some important things that you must never do when traveling abroad.


Since Thailand has become extremely popular with foreigners for recent years we decided to include it in our list. The country is considered to be exotic with high respect to religion. Furthermore, people in Thailand love their king and, therefore, it is strictly forbidden to say anything bad about the royal family. Perhaps the penalty may sound too harsh for you but it will be a good reason for you not to break this rule. A person who may express any bad opinion about the king or his family may be sent to prison for 15 years!

One more thing that is not acceptable in the country is eating faster than the Thai who invites you for lunch. Never finish your meal before Thai!



Many people would agree that France is a country with open-minded people and freedom of speech. However, there are some topics that French avoid in their conversations – money. Do not offer to pay the bill in the restaurant because it may sound offensive for your French fellow. They prefer to pay for themselves. One more thing that is typical for France only is the official forbiddance of kissing at the train station. There is a law which does not allow to do this due to the long kisses of the beloved which used to be the main reason of delays in France.



It is a wide-known fact that Turkey is a muslim country with strict rules and standards of behavior. It refers not only to limited rights of women. “OK” sign shown with fingers is not acceptable in Turkish society and means to be rude and disrespectful. What is more, we highly insist on drinking tea if the host has offered it to you. Tea in Turkey shows respect and honor and when somebody offers you a cup of it it mean that you are welcome in his house. So please, be kind and accept the invitation. Finally, when having accepted the invitation to somebody’s house in Turkey put your shoes off unless the host asks you not to.



Japan is often associated with traditions and good manners. People in Japan are considered polite but modest. They rarely show their true feelings and try to stay calm and silent. Therefore, you should not expect warm hug when meeting Japanese – they prefer a light nod or simple say “Kon’nichiwa”. One more thing that is needed to be mentioned is tips. We are not going to tell you which amount is acceptable in Japan because they do not give tips at all. In the country when you leaving tips in the restaurant means that the service was not good enough and the waiter must be additionally motivated with money. .

To sum up, when visiting foreign country be more tolerant to the local rules and try not to look for logic or explanation. You came to the country as a guest so behave like a guest and accept local laws. But before going to your next trip don’t forget to check weather forecast!