Mexico City – the City of Contrasts


Mexico City is one of the largest and populous cities in the world. It is located in the picturesque valley surrounded by the mountains. The city was founded on the former living place of the legendary Aztecs. Nowadays, the modern Mexican population soaked partially the culture of the ancient tribe.  The national character of Mexico City consists also of the melancholic songs, spicy cuisine, tequila and various traditions.

Mexico City is a city of contrasts, where the modern skyscrapers are located near the ancient pyramids. This is an open-air museum that kept more than 1400 monuments and historical landmarks.

Entertainment and places of interest in Mexico City


The historical centre of the city is located around the square Zocalo that is a heart of the city. In this part, you will find the numerous architectural masterpieces like Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and Palacio de Cortés, museums and cheap hotels.

Another tourist zone is located near the park La Alameda Central that is connected with Zocalo by several streets.

Paseo de la Reforma is the most important and the most beautiful street in Mexico City. Besides, this street combines La Alameda Central with the palace complex Chapultepec.

Also, you should visit Plaza de las Tres Culturas in the centre of the city, where the archaeological zone is located. You will be also amazed by the National Palace and the square Plaza Garibaldi.

Museums of Mexico City


The city is a home of numerous museums dedicated to art, including Mexican colonial, modern and contemporary art, and international art. The Museo de Arte Moderno is one of the most interesting museums here.

The Museo Soumaya, named after the wife of Mexican magnate Carlos Slim, has the largest private collection of original Rodin sculptures outside Paris

National Museum of Anthropology is also a unique place. There are many ancient original exhibits in the museum.

Templo Mayor is located in the area of one of the main temples of the Aztecs in their capital city of Tenochtitlan.

Climate and weather


Mexico City experiences a subtropical highland climate. The average annual temperature varies from +12 to +16 °C, depending on the altitude of the borough. The temperature is rarely below +3 °C or above +30 °C.

There are circa 846 mm of precipitations throughout the year. The rainy season runs from June to October when winds bring in tropical moisture from the sea, which the wettest month is July. The lower region of the valley receives less rainfall than the upper regions of the south.