City With Rich History: Bratislava


Bratislava is a small hospitable capital of Slovakia.  Tourists love this city for the rich excursion program. And it is not for nothing. There are many beautiful castles, churches, museums and other historical landmarks in Bratislava. Besides, the city has very attractive landscapes with its ancient narrow streets and charming architecture.

If you are planning your trip in winter, you should necessarily visit Christmas Market in the Old Town and on the main square. You will be impressed by its special warm ambience because traditions are in the first place here and only then commercial side.

Entertainment and places of interest in Bratislava

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If you want to find out the history of this charming city – go to the Old Town. Most historical buildings are concentrated here. Bratislava’s Town Hall is a complex of three buildings erected in the XIV-XV centuries and now hosts the Bratislava City MuseumMichael’s Gate is the only gate that has been preserved from the medieval fortifications, and it ranks among the oldest of the town’s buildings.

One of the most prominent structures in the city is Bratislava Castle, situated on a plateau 85 metres above the Danube. The castle was converted into a Gothic anti-Hussite fortress under Sigismund of Luxemburg in 1430, became a Renaissance castle in 1562, and was rebuilt in 1649 in the baroque style. Under Queen Maria Theresa, the castle became a prestigious royal seat.

The ruined and recently renovated Devín Castle is in the borough of Devín, on top of a rock where the Morava River, which forms the border between Austria and Slovakia, enters the Danube. It is one of the most important Slovak archaeological sites and contains a museum dedicated to its history. Due to its strategic location, Devín Castle was a very important frontier castle of Great Moravia and the early Hungarian state. It was destroyed by Napoleon’s troops in 1809. It is an important symbol of Slovak and Slavic history.

Rusovce mansion, with its English park, is in the Rusovce borough. The house was originally built in the XVII century and was turned into an English neo-Gothic-style mansion in 1841–1844. The borough is also known for the ruins of the Roman military camp Gerulata, part of Limes Romanus, a border defence system.

Bratislava is the cultural heart of Slovakia. Owing to its historical multi-cultural character, local culture is influenced by various ethnic and religious groups, including Germans, Slovaks, Hungarians, and Jews. Bratislava enjoys numerous theatres, museums, galleries, concert halls, cinemas, film clubs, and foreign cultural institutions

Holiday weather

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Bratislava experiences a continental climate with cool summers and mild winters. Summertime is good for visiting this city because there is no heat here. The weather is pleasant at that time. However, it could be windy, so do not forget warm clothes with you. Winter months are not so cold, but humid, so it is uncomfortable to walk around the city. The best time to visit Bratislava is spring and the very beginning of the autumn.