Bali Holiday Weather


Bali is a magnificent island of calmness and full relaxation. It’s the island of carelessness and absolute happiness, of exotic improbable sunsets and the most pleasant dawns. Bali is the smallest part of the Malay Archipelago. It is a real tourist diamond which is beloved by thousands of travellers.

Bali is an amazing place where the tourist season doesn’t stop even for one day. In the coolest month of the year, June, air temperature seldom decreases to 26 degrees. The usual sea temperature is between +26 ° and +28 °C.

By the way, when the question arises, “What is the weather like in Bali?” the native residents usually answer: “It’s like two poles – the dry and rainy seasons”.  Such weather conditions are predetermined by the geographical position of the island.

The island is located on the equator, therefore, it is always hot there. Sometimes, depending on a season, it can be a little cool at night. Annually it is hot enough to walk in light clothes and to feel comfortable. Perhaps, the only exception is the mountainous areas of the island where the temperature is slightly lower.

Dry season


The dry season begins in April when the rains occur more and more rarely. Thanks to light breezes, the delightful freshness appears, the humidity decreases steadily.  The peak of the dry season falls in July and August. In the evenings, it even becomes slightly cooler. Summer months often bring slight winds. They make the atmosphere more comfortable and fresh. If you are not the great fan of hottie days, the summertime is the best period to visit Bali.

Rainy season

Bali experiences not as severe rainy season as the other Asian countries do. It is often rainy. The showers start swiftly and cease also rapidly. So an umbrella is a must there. The sun appears immediately after rains and the atmosphere becomes comfortable and pleasant. The travellers should not be afraid of the all-day-and-night rains. As a rule, the showers occur at night. In the morning, everything is already dry and bright. But sometimes it rains an hour or two during the day.

The rainiest months are January and February. Also, the level of humidity is very high. Therefore, the level of comfort is medium. The rainy season is also characterised by stuffy and extremely hot weather.

As the best places for visiting on Bali are beaches, the rainy season can spoil the rest. Nobody will appreciate lying on the dirty sand.

The sand coasts are the most favourite attraction on the island. You can’t but spend hours and hours under bright sun rays and enjoy your life.