Nowadays, not only the radical ecologists discuss green energy revolution. That is because people feel more and more the results of climate change and they need to do something. Thus, the International Resource Panel, a group of eminent experts in natural resource management hosted by UN Environment has provided a global assessment of the benefits, […]


Copenhagen is worldwide famous as a city of Hans Christian Andersen. That is why the Little Mermaid is a symbol of the Danish capital. Copenhagen is the most visited city not only in Denmark but also in the whole Scandinavia. This city is very cosy and compact. There are almost no skyscrapers here, but many […]


Dubai is incredible. This is the largest city in UAE. This is a place of high skyscrapers, wonderful architecture, cool shopping and rich nightlife. It seemed to be not noticeable city circa 50 years ago, but nowadays Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world with the well-developed tourism, financial and transport infrastructure. […]


Seoul is s the de facto capital and largest metropolis of the Republic of Korea. To feel completely what this city is, you should climb the mountain and get a bird’s eye view. There are many whimsical high-rise buildings, ancient palaces, tiny temples and blossoming gardens here. Seoul is a wonderful combination of the industrialization […]