Seattle is a native city of Kurt Cobain, industrial giants Amazon, Microsoft, Boing and Starbucks. All the citizens drink coffee here. Moreover, the city is considered as a homeland of American culture to drink coffee.   By the way, Seattle is a very attractive place to move and settle here. Life in Seattle As for […]


Miami is a large metropolis of Florida at the southeastern corner of the USA. This city attracts people from the whole world by its incredible beaches, friendly atmosphere, shopping and an active nightlife. However, Miami is attractive not only for tourists but also for those, who want to move and settle here. By the way, […]


Las Vegas is a place where always notes rustle and captivating jackpots glow.  This city attracts circa 40 million of tourists every year. However, not only visitors come here frequently, but also those people, who want to settle in Las Vegas. But what will you feel living in the eternal festival atmosphere? Actually, it is […]


Everyone knows this famous city because of the title television series “Santa Barbara” (1984-1993). After the series was transmitted, the city became popular. Millions of fans came here to see with their own eyes the place where their favourite series was born. Presently, this is a lovely city with the incredible architecture and quiet sandy […]

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“Crazy city” San Francisco attracts people from the whole world. It means not only tourists and visitors come here, but also thousands of people move to San Francisco for the permanent residence every year. This city breathes freedom and tolerance, beauty and memories about hippie past. San Francisco meets everyone hospitable and friendly. Not for […]

Where To Holiday

“Paris is a real ocean. Throw in a probe, you will never know its depth”, – said Honoré de Balzac. Paris is a dream destination almost for every person on the Earth. This elegant city captivates its romance and charm. Paris has a unique atmosphere that effects upon each visitor. Actually, France is a country […]


Bali is a magnificent island of calmness and full relaxation. It’s the island of carelessness and absolute happiness, of exotic improbable sunsets and the most pleasant dawns. Bali is the smallest part of the Malay Archipelago. It is a real tourist diamond which is beloved by thousands of travellers. Bali is an amazing place where […]


Welcome to New York! This dynamic city will captivate you with its colourful positive emotions. You probably saw the city landscapes in different movies. That is why you can recognise most of the streets. You could also see this changeable weather in the city. New York experiences a humid subtropical climate. Winters are cold and […]


The sunny city of Angels is located in Southern California. Los Angeles (LA) is the city of eternal summer, inspiration and infinite dreaming. Everyone comes here to experience this positive energy of the city, to feel this creative spirit, which soars hover all around here. Sunny warm California attracts millions of visitors from the whole […]


Backpacking has become extremely popular nowadays. Even those who can afford regular flights and staying in the hotel choose traveling with backpack. Apparently it has a bunch of advantages. First, you save a lot of money. Secondly, you plan your trip as you want it and not as your travel agency offers. Third, it is […]