Traveling by plane is the fastest way, however, the most expensive. It does save your time but it does affect your budget. Usually flights take the most of our expenses and sometimes we reject the idea of going somewhere because the price is too high. Therefore, we decided to teach you how to get cheap […]

kern river

If you are looking for a way to enjoy stunning landscapes of California and explore the surroundings you should think of traveling to Kern River. The Kern River starts in the mountains near Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park and empties into Isabella Lake. There are a lot of things to do on a day […]

road trip

There are so many ways to travel and each one requires a thorough preparation. Road trip is one of the most demanding ones as you need to think all your steps starting from route and petrol stations.  Overall vision  There are three main points to consider when planning a road trip. They include distance, destination […]


There are so many interesting places to explore on Earth. Whether it is a park, or waterfall or a tropical island every time you discover something new. In fact islands are like small countries with their own life and cultures. We have prepared a list of the most beautiful islands in the world that you […]

wales копия

People often skip Wales on their way to travel destinations like London or Edinburgh. It is a small country between Scotland and England and, therefore, is often being underrated. It has the dramatic and beautiful national parks, with mountain ranges and miles of pristine coastline. In fact the country has what to offer including delicious […]

malta копия

Winter is almost over but you are sick of cold? Need a break to start new season with recharged battery? Then Malta may become the best option for you. It is small, far south and has easy flight connections to the mainland. However, you should always check weather forecast before going to a trip because […]

nor копия

Although Norway does not possess a huge territory there is what to explore. There are many ways to do that but one of the best is the country’s national routes. These are organized drives that show the most stunning and gorgeous views of northern areas. Here the landscape is wild, shaped only by the elements […]

sport копия

Are you bored of sightseeing? Tired of wandering from one museum to another one? Looking for something special? How about getting ready to an adventure of a lifetime at the best extreme spots around the world? Underground tubing You probably could read about Waitomo caves in New Zealand in our blog. Let us remind you that […]

surf копия

With a 50,000 km coastline Australia offers up more beaches, bays and inlets than you could possibly imagine! True surfers fly thousand kilometers to Australia to take advantage of its world class waves. Among the most famous beaches are Bells Beach on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Byron Bay in New South Wales and the […]

retire копия

The older we become the more peace we need. We lived a long a life and, therefore, want to relax and play with our grandchildren… once a month! In this article we are not going to tell the you how the country takes care of you in each state. We want to describe the cities […]