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Winter is almost over but you are sick of cold? Need a break to start new season with recharged battery? Then Malta may become the best option for you. It is small, far south and has easy flight connections to the mainland. However, you should always check weather forecast before going to a trip because […]

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Although Norway does not possess a huge territory there is what to explore. There are many ways to do that but one of the best is the country’s national routes. These are organized drives that show the most stunning and gorgeous views of northern areas. Here the landscape is wild, shaped only by the elements […]

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Are you bored of sightseeing? Tired of wandering from one museum to another one? Looking for something special? How about getting ready to an adventure of a lifetime at the best extreme spots around the world? Underground tubing You probably could read about Waitomo caves in New Zealand in our blog. Let us remind you that […]

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With a 50,000 km coastline Australia offers up more beaches, bays and inlets than you could possibly imagine! True surfers fly thousand kilometers to Australia to take advantage of its world class waves. Among the most famous beaches are Bells Beach on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Byron Bay in New South Wales and the […]

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The older we become the more peace we need. We lived a long a life and, therefore, want to relax and play with our grandchildren… once a month! In this article we are not going to tell the you how the country takes care of you in each state. We want to describe the cities […]

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Have you ever being disappointed with a trip? After few weeks of thorough planning, hours of search in the internet or days of waiting for a good price for tickets you find out that Eiffel Tower is not that spectacular. So what tourist attractions refer to the most overrated ones? Stonehenge Stonehenge is most mysterious […]

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Second biggest city in the United States as well as the largest one in California, Los Angeles is a place where you can run crazy. It is a huge ant-house where all movie stars, wannabe actors, musicians and surfers gather. Los Angeles is a love/hate city for most people. One of the thing that you […]

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If you are facing a problem what to give your friend for New Year then you are in the right place. It is difficult to make presents, especially if you are not very close with a person and have no ideas what his preferences are. However, if your friend tends to travel a lot then […]

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Vallnord is a tiny country between France and Spain that has recently become Mecca for skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. Vallnord is a collective name of 4 different resorts: Pal, Arsinala, Ordino and La Massana. The mountains are average height and, therefore, are perfect for newcomers and inexperienced skiers. There are 30 […]